Tips for Tall Plus Woman Clothing

Friday, January 29th 2016. | dress, fashion ideas

Tips about tall plus womens clothing are needed by woman who has plus size tall body. Every type of body actually has different style and size in clothing. If you are a woman with plus size tall body, you don’t have to worry about it. Although you have plus size body, you can expose your tall body to cover your lack. Here, some tips for tall plus woman clothing.

Tall Plus Size Womens Clothing

   Tall Plus Size Womens Clothing

Something You Should Know about Tall Plus Women Clothing

For some women, having plus size tall body is difficult problem to be solved. It is because they are worry about clothes that are suitable with them. Whereas there are many designer who design clothes for them. Not only about designer, it can be solved by many tips for covering the lack of tall plus size body. The important point is, avoids the dress or clothes that billow your figure, because it makes you looks bigger. You can stick the items that skim your figure and help define your waist.

Big And Tall Womens Clothing Stores

                               Big And Tall Womens Clothing Stores


Tall Plus Size Dresses

                       Tall Plus Size Dresses

Dressing the Tall Plus Women

If you are still get confused when searching for the best clothes for your body, here some tips for you:

  1. Choose Pants that Fit Your Widest Point

You may have the widest part of your legs. To cover it, try to use the pants that fit your widest because the small pants will make your legs look bigger.

  1. Choose tops and Dresses with an Empire Waist

Empire waist is very helpful for tall plus woman. It creates visual waistline and separates your breast from your torso. It also helps you to accentuate your curves.

  1. Put Together Monochromatic

You can wear monochromatic clothes but it doesn’t mean you have to wear all clothes in same color. For example, you can match the black pants with blue tops and add the empire weist to make your body look so beautiful.

  1. Accessories with Long and Eye-Catching Chains

Accessories with long chains will highlight your body central point. If your dress is dark, you can choose accessories with gold or bright color. But if your dress is bright, you can choose the accessories with dark color or bold.

  1. Hip-Length Blazers

Same with empire waist, it can accentuate your curves without using empire waist.

  1. Choose Open Necklines

It is important to emphasize your gorgeous asset such as neck and shoulder. You can use V outfit that explore your neck. Avoid wearing high-necked outfit.

  1. Opt for Knee-Length Pencil Skirts

Wearing a pencil skirts will accentuate your overall length but still let you show your beautiful calves.

Those are some tips for you who have tall plus size body. You should be confident with your body because you can still expose your beautiful part of your body by doing many ways. You just need to match many clothes to find the best one that fit with your body. The tips about tall plus womens clothing above can be followed till you can find the best fashion for your body.

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